Our collection, tried and tested

Here are some testimonials from customers and bloggers who have worn our dresses...

Catherine, Sydney

I received the jacket yesterday and it fits perfectly. Thanks very much for making the exchange so easy and painless.

Annett, Germany

I just did another order in your online shop…fell in love with your beautiful dresses.

Melissa, Massachusetts

I really appreciate the quick reply. The clothes clearly speak for themselves (beautiful, high quality and well made), but this is certainly brand differentiating customer service. Thanks again for sending the Cecily over so quickly, it is perfect - I am walking into the office to give a big presentation, feeling professional, confident and still happily feminine.

Paulette, California

Thank you so much for your prompt and thorough responses…..makes such a difference especially when shopping from so far away. Great Customer Service!!!

Claire, London

I had so missed people asking where I had bought an item of clothing or admiring it and in one weekend (wore Juno dress to a wedding on Friday and Saturday dress for lunch on Saturday) I think everyone I met had asked me where I had got them and complimented my maternity chic! It was a joy to be excited about clothes again – my husband thought I was drunk when I bought the Juno – I was so giddy – how lovely to have something that wasn’t mumsy, made of t-shirt material or lace and was wrapped in tissue and ribbon! I love the Juno so much I know I will wear it once baby has been born too (compared to all my other maternity clothes which I cannot wait to throw in the bin!).

Adriana, Massachusetts

The whole line is beautifully crafted! Keep up the amazing job!

Andrea, Hong Kong

Just want to say thank you for your brilliant customer service! It really is refreshing!

Kathryn, Georgia

The dress arrived, and it is gorgeous…the color, everything. It is so elegant, and I love your packaging too!

Anna, Florida

Great look, very comfortable and chic … Thank you, thank you!

Melissa, Washington DC

I wore your Darcy dress today, and when I was walking downtown five people on the street made a point of telling me that they really liked my dress.  It almost never happens here in Washington, but it was quite a phenomenon! Well done!!

Sarah, Florida

'I can't wait to share this find of your wonderful designs with my friends. Thanks for all your help...it's been a real pleasure and I look forward to wearing your designs during pregnancy and after!'

Heather, London

I received the dress on Friday and wore it that evening to the theatre and got several compliments . Thanks again!

Pippa Vosper, London

The collection is, once again, elegant, chic and not ‘mumsy’ at all! I love love love the Charlotte dress!

Bibi, London

Thank you so, so much for my wonderful Charlotte top – it’s beautiful and I really love your packaging! All the girls in the office went ‘Oooh!’ when I opened it and showed them the top!