A Wrapologist's Christmas
Christmas can be stressful enough so we asked the experts at Wrapsody Ltd, London's bespoke wrapping service, to share some golden rules to make sure our gifting is truly magical inside and out...
Colour code. Assign each family member a different coloured paper.  It’s fun and saves on gift tags.  (Metallic tones like copper and rose-gold are very on-trend this year and look stylish under the tree.)
Wrapology Rose Gold 
Wrapology pink and gold
Personalise. Think about the passions of the person you are giving to – wrap using maps for a travel junkie, recipes for a foodie or old sheet music for a jazz lover.
Wrapology Bespoke
Wrapology peacock blue
Re-use. Deconstruct old Christmas decorations and collect baubles, pinecones and cinnamon sticks to use as decorations, tied in your bows.
Wrapology wrapping idea
 Wrapology Christmas ideas
Wrapsody bespoke wrapping
Less is more. Using too much paper causes bulky, messy folds.  So measure your paper sparingly before you cut.
Wrapsody Christmas
If you fancy yourself as a secret ‘wrap star’, then ditch the sellotape, in favour of every wrapologist’s secret weapon: double-sided sticky tape.  It’s invisible and looks super-slick.
Wrapology design
Follow these tips, and you’ll have Christmas all wrapped up. 
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