Wisteria: the journey of a print

For this season's prints we looked to our very own English country gardens for inspiration. And in fact when Sara and I decided on the Wisteria as the flower which invoked that new spring feeling, I actually went to my own Dad’s garden to take pictures of the beautiful wisteria archway he had in bloom. And, even more fitting - the particular variety of Wisteria he had grown was called ‘Wisteria floribunda’ or ‘Caroline’ - My name!

Sara and I felt this Spring print should be light and airy, picking up on the pretty pastel colours that come with blossoming flowers, and the fresh apple greens as the leaves pop open. I opted for watercolour as my medium as I could use deep violet and periwinkle shades for the strongly coloured buds that hang at the bottom of the wisteria, and dilute the pigment for the blousy pastel flowers at the tops of the stems.

We were keen for the print not to appear as a repeat, but as though the wisteria were growing across the dress as it would around a beautiful London townhouse. And so the painting I created for the final print was on a huge A1 scale, giving me plenty of design to play with when creating the repeat and giving the illusion of a placement print.

As our signature Titania dress was originally released last season, we wanted to make this season's extra special by creating a second bespoke print for the sleeves and yolk. I carried through the design with a repeat of falling petals to reflect those in the main print. This adds a real sense of femininity to the Titania, making it the dream dress for floating around a Summer garden party or stealing the show at a Spring wedding.

Caroline Taylor is our in-house print designer. She loves travel, cooking, and learning new artistries
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