Q & A with Daisy Knatchbull - Founder, The Deck

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 Q&A with Daisy Knatchbull - Founder, The Deck 

What do you tell people you do when you first meet them?

Run a business that empowers women through suiting.


What does your job involve, in a nutshell?

Building and running my new business – tailoring for women by women. 


How have you got to where you are today? Has anyone in particular helped you?

I have so much to thank my last boss, Pierre Lagrange, for. Having been Communications Director for Huntsman on Savile Row for 3 years previously, Pierre taught me so much, (believing in me from the beginning and aiding my growth) as well as being incredibly supportive in me starting my own thing. 

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What is your background?

After university, I did various stints within fashion journalism before landing a job assisting the Fashion Director of The Sunday Times Style, the late and wonderful Lucy Ewing. That is really when I began to realise my love for fashion, before heading to Huntsman to learn about menswear and discovering the gap in the market for female suiting.


 What are you most proud of?

Leaving the security of a good job and salary to pursue my dream of starting my own business. 


What is one of the biggest challenges that you face in your career?

Starting your own business is not as glamorous as it seems and definitely not a straight path but I’m loving every second of it and ready to embrace the many more challenges and rewards that come with it!


How do you start your day?

I really try my best to include some form of mindfulness in my morning routine to balance my day ahead. The ‘Happy Not Perfect’ app is a great way of getting a small dose of meditation and reflection into my mornings.


What is the best part of your day?

I always try and schedule at least one meeting with one of the many people who have been supporting my journey. They always leave me feeling so positive and fired up to make my business a success.

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