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The third new initiative we are launching for our 5th birthday is our 'Friends of Madderson' Programme. We're opening up to you, our customers, and inviting you to join us in our mission to spread the word about our line of beautifully crafted wardrobe classics. We're looking for smart, stylish and well-connected women to become Friends of Madderson, willing to share their passion for our brand by introducing Madderson to their networks. 


Friends of Madderson


Here's how it works:

1. Contact to register your interest in becoming a Friend.

2. You will then receive an email containing a unique promo code for you to share with friends and family who you think might love our collections as much as you do. The code will entitle them to 15% off full-priced items for their first-time purchase*.

3. For every £500 of sales you generate with your unique code, you will receive a £100 Madderson gift voucher for your own personal use. This voucher can be used across our website, redeemable against any item in any collection (including outlet and sample sale).

* Enrolment in the Friend programme is valid for 6 months. After which time, your unique promo code expires and you will no longer be eligible to earn vouchers. You will be contacted to confirm if you wish to re-join as a Friend.  

Meet some of our Friends here:

Kate Targett-Adams (China)

Kate is an etiquette coach working for international brands such as Maserati and Galaxy Resorts, educating staff and clients on the rituals of high-society. Kate is also an acclaimed classical Celtic pianist who has performed at the Beijing Olympics and at the opening of the Scottish Parliament. She is a loyal wearer of Madderson for 'striking the right balance between demure and stylish.'  

Kate Targett-Adams in Madderson London


Julia Roehrich (Hong Kong)

Julia has lived in Dubai for 10 years and now resides in HK, a busy mother to three children and juggling a busy home and social life. Julia has been wearing Madderson for regular school & charity meetings, weekend brunches and special occasions for over 3 years and describes the brand as her 'go-to label for when I need to look well put together'.

Friends of Madderson


Michelle Baartz (London)

Michelle has a busy life juggling motherhood with her brand consulting business and her own recently launched lifestyle brand, Lounge & Cloth, which inspires women to indulge themselves in little ways, every day. Her motto is “make everyday beautiful”. She is a fan of Madderson’s jackets and silk shirts to elevate her look easily, but for special events she turns to our dresses. She tells us, “When I put on your clothes I feel like the best version of myself, polished and ready for any occasion.”

Michelle Baartz in Madderson London


Wendy Harris (Dublin)

Wendy had a career change after working in finance in London for a decade, and now manages a large team at Dropbox in Dublin. She principally wears Madderson for work and tells us that our bold colours and details help her to stand out from the crowd. She says, “They are style statements for people with flair. The single biggest thing I notice when I wear your clothes is that people comment on them because they are different.”

Wendy Harris in Madderson London

Email us and become a Friend today!

Helen x

Helen Hughes is co-founder and head of marketing at Madderson London.
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