New Networking App 'ElevatHer' Launches on International Women's Day

'Love, friendship, networking - these are all critical connections and the foundation of a happy and healthy life.' Whitney Wolfe

Just like one of our Madderson Muses, Whitney Wolfe, we're big believers in the power of networking and we especially love women supporting women. And so we were thrilled to be introduced to Sheena Shah, founder of brand new networking app ElevatHer, which launches today on International Women's Day.

Women's affinity networks are growing rapidly in the City, heavily supported by employers as the most effective way of connecting like-minded women to share ideas, pain points and learnings. Having kindred spirits to bounce off creates a powerful energy, boosting women's confidence and ultimately representation across typically male-dominated financial institutions. When Sara & I met Sheena for lunch at White City House on a sunny (and freakishly hot) February day, we were keen to find out more about what sparked the idea for ElevatHer, the first all-female networking app for City women. 


What does ElevatHer do for working women?

ElevatHer is a networking tool empowering women in finance and tech. The app is designed to be a hub where members can regroup and reinvest in themselves at all stages of their career by building peer-to-peer and mentor-to-mentee relationships across the industry.

Through introducing female talent to an untapped support system, the goal is to help woman build their career knowledge, aspirations and networks. ElevatHer also helps members keep on top of sought-after industry events and exciting opportunities for networking through a live central page.


What's Sheena's story?

Before founding ElevatHer, Sheena spent almost 10 years in the financial services – starting her career on the graduate scheme for Goldman Sachs, she then moved to Morgan Stanley’s Sydney office and most recently worked for a proprietary trading firm Maven. Sheena decided to leverage her financial acumen with her passion of philanthropy to make a career transition and focus her efforts and impact on empowering and supporting women in finance through the launch of ElevatHer.

Sheena Shah, founder ElevatHer


What sparked the idea?

Sheena credits her career and the opportunities she received to the mentors and friendships that have invested in her. However, as she climbed the corporate ladder, she couldn’t help but notice how few of these woman were around (women made up 25.5% of senior roles in 2016). Through the struggles Sheena faced in hunting for meaningful connections and strong relationships she started creating ElevatHer.


We're very excited about the potential for this app and urge you to download the app from the App Store from 8th March. Sign up, get involved and you never know where that next connection may lead... 





Helen Hughes is co-founder and head of marketing at Madderson London.
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