Comfort is Queen

At Madderson London, comfort isn’t a dirty word. In fact, it's quite the opposite. We LOVE comfort!! We started our brand as an exclusive maternity wear label, offering bump-friendly office wear that felt as sleek, sexy and tailored as their non-maternity wardrobes but had the comfort factor. Therefore woven into our DNA is the overwhelming desire to make clothing not only look beautiful but feel good too.

Since then, we've stayed true to our mantra of marrying supreme comfort with structure and we've successfully delivered collection upon collection of hard working workwear that is as comfortable as it is feminine, figure-hugging and fabulous. Many customers will happily share that we are their dirty little secret, making flattering dresses that are super-comfortable, removing the need to choose between what looks good and what feels good. 

We've been out of the corporate sector for a few years but we'll never forget the endless discomfort we endured in the office and on planes. From bloated tummies to badly fitting tights, crazy waistbands and tailoring with no 'give', we endured endless misery! We are determined that you can be polished AND perfectly happy underneath that gorgeous dress.

Our workwear bestsellers have 3 secrets:


For a well-fitting dress to nip and tuck in all the right places AND still allow movement, flexibility and stretch it all starts with the fabric. We use a premium ponte jersey as the base for most of our best-selling workwear styles and this has proven to be a perfect foil for the no-compromise styles we design. Additionally, the fabric has minimal pilling and creasing which is a huge advantage when we champion longevity and trendless style. It has a viscose base which means it's breathable and works across seasons and climates. 

Madderson London Factory


We cut and fit our dresses cleverly. We pay a lot of attention to the neckline and the shoulder seams to ensure that our dresses look as tailored as possible. Our pattern cutter, Jelena, is a mathematical genius and on our more fitted styles (eg. our Ophelia dress) beautiful darts emphasise the bust and the small of the back (we think the small of a woman's back is very sexy!). We cut our waists high, on the natural waist, so they nip in at the narrowest point of your body and your stomach can breathe while you look fabulous (Miranda and Ida both have a genius slimming effect). And on less tailored styles like the Naomi, we cut them generously around the waist and hips while ensuring that the neck and shoulders reflect our signature neat, chic fit.

Madderson London Miranda Jersey Dress Trim


We add in gorgeous details like Parisian tweed, Italian brocade and Japanese grosgrain, as well as as much sparkle as we can get away with. We find that your acquaintances are far too busy admiring these finishing touches to notice that you're wearing a dress comfortable enough to sleep in!


We hope you love wearing our workwear. We hope you enjoy the compliments you receive. And most of all, we  hope that that amazing, hardworking body of yours feels as good in them as you look.

Sara and Helen xx 


Helen Hughes is co-founder and head of marketing at Madderson London.
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