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Using Madderson as a way to give back has always been our intention, and now we are thrilled to be in a position to launch our first ongoing charitable initiative, Books for Schools. Working with the UK literacy charity Give A Book, we will donate a reading book to a UK primary school for every order we receive, effective from 1st September 2017.
We have been bookworms for as long as we can remember.
Throughout our childhoods, we both had our noses in books. Sara’s favourite fictional heroines - Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables) and Sara Crewe (A Little Princess) - inspired her to dream and taught her the meaning of true moral courage. Helen’s favourites being the hilariously wacky Roald Dahl classics as well as the more mysterious and enthralling Rebecca’ (Daphne de Maurier). Our childhoods would have been unthinkable without books, and the creative spark behind Madderson was undoubtedly lit thanks to those decades of reading.
Madderson London Books for Schools
The UK is one of the world’s biggest economies and yet a quarter of British children live in poverty, half of those in severe poverty. Primary schools are cash-strapped and are not obliged to provide libraries. The result is that many children who live in a grim reality do not have books available (at home or at school) to allow them to escape this reality, to dream, to be inspired, to learn, to grow, to drive creativity, or to give themselves permission to write their own story. 
Madderson London Books for Schools
We are delighted to be giving the gift of books and empowering more children to fall in love with reading. With the help of our charitable partners we will be donating 100 reading books to each school, to form a cornerstone collection that allows children to read for pleasure. We will work with each school to establish the right list of books for them. 


Where possible, the foundation of the list will be the 70 books hand-picked by children for children by the Duchess' Bookshelves Project, in celebration of the Duchess of Cornwall's 70th birthday this summer. In every book that we donate will be a book-plate with the name of the Madderson customer whose order made this gift possible. 

Madderson London Books for Schools
Separately, Sara will be working with non-profit organisation City Pay it Forward to present to secondary school children this year on entrepreneurship, and she will be taking with her some entrepreneurial books to leave at the schools so that students can be inspired by the greatest business leaders to write their own success stories.
Sara Madderson
Sara x
Sara Madderson is founder and creative director of Madderson London. She loves history, literature, art and a good bottle of claret.
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