The Summer social season continues with Henley Royal Regatta, a truly magnificent spectacle that is the jewel in the crown of the rowing circuit – and has become as equally renowned as a highlight of the social circuit too. The wide, grassy banks sloping down to the expansive river; the palpable competitive spirit in the air as tightly clad rowers slog it out against their rivals; and then there’s Britishness turned tribal with a sea of blazers and straw boaters. All in all, Henley is a very British affair!

As with any event where hats are encouraged, Henley draws the well-heeled crowd (royalty included) so it pays to style it out with a look that is polished but relaxed too. Check out these glam ladies from last year’s event (photos courtesy of Vogue) and take some style cues…

With our classically-inspired designs for Spring/Summer, we can help you navigate this event with style, grace and a little bit of fun. Here are our suggestions:

In keeping with the traditional style of the event, this couture-level tweed ensemble in powered blue and gold matched with a silk ruffled blouse is a classy combo. Demure enough for the exclusive Stewards’ Enclosure, and yet the pastel colours keep you bang on trend. And don’t forget to add a pair of statement sunglasses.

A day of social gatherings where much standing is required can take its toll on pregnant ladies. Let your dress do the talking in this statement pink houndstooth dress which looks effortlessly cool paired with these mirrored-leather sandals.

Soak up the ambience and enjoy! And if you happen to be wearing Madderson, we would love to see a photo (send to! x

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