The beautiful lawns of Cowdray Park in West Sussex are the undisputed home of British polo and the setting for one of the Season’s highlights – the Final of the Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup. A heady combination of elite polo players, sporting aficionados, celebrities aplenty and lashings of said champagne make for a day of high-octane action and glamour that would make Jilly Cooper proud.

If you’re attending the Final on Sunday 20th July we suggest you leave Jilly’s chintzy florals and novelty jumpers at home and take inspiration from the clean, sleek silhouettes of the players themselves. Add a touch of British humour with some fabulous accessories, and brave the divots in your highest heels. Chin chin!

Sara Madderson is founder and creative director of Madderson London. She loves history, literature, art and a good bottle of claret.
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