A Closer Look At Our Botanical Prints

A Closer Look At Our Botanical Prints

Our new Botanical prints for this season are inspired by the first glimpse of Spring. Lush waxy leaves appear on the trees, their deliciously crisp edges glistening. Perfect powder blue clusters of Hydrangeas, like little pompoms cheering for sunshine to arrive. It is here, at Springs first bloom, our Leaf and Hydrangea Prints were born. 

Madderson SS16 Hydrangea print


Once the illustrative process was complete I began digitally manipulating and layering the designs for full impact. Sara and I played around with proportions and colour to ensure the designs were impactful both in size and definition. For the leaf print, we decided on a bright, airy colour palette of powder blue and sherbet orange for a striking pairing that reflects the freshness and clarity that comes with Spring.


Madderson SS16 leaf print


The translation of illustration to fabric was a relatively simple one. We decided early on that a repeating layered print would be the best approach, but we didn’t realise how effective such a large scale design could be until we trialled the first fabric run. The leaf works particularly well blown out as its beauty lies in the simplicity of the line drawings. For the hydrangea, its intricate details are softer and more subtle, and are best replicated in a pastel scheme to convey the gentle femininity of this print. 


Madderson SS16 Hydrangea Print

Caroline xx


Caroline Taylor is our in-house print designer. She loves travel, cooking, and learning new artistries
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